Hello World!

My dear friend I assume you are here for a specific reason let me explain to you the basics so we can both save some time.

My main profession is Software Developer, I have also other skills that doesn’t mean that I have also other professions. Yes I can format your computer, yes I can install an anti virus program, yes I am familiar with photoshop. That doesn’t mean that I have the time to format your computer, to install you an anti virus or to show you the basics of photoshop. Every time I am doing anything else besides my main profession I am loosing income and I must work harder and more hours to supplement my income so in due time I will not have time to even answer the phone when you are calling so our friendship will grow cold. So be my guest and get upset for not doing you the favor from the beginning and I will not loose my time, the outcome will be the same. Yes in the computer science everything is possible and we can do everything you can imagine; BUT that costs time and money. We will not do everything you have imagine because you have imagine it, we will do it because need it, you can support it and you can pay for it; if you cannot satisfy these simple terms we will not spend your time and our time for something that you will not use it is a lost case.

What you want and what you need are two separate thinks most of the time, maybe you don’t need what you want, maybe you need more that you want. We cannot know what you need, we can make sum consumptions BUT to determinate for sure what you really need we need to research and the more we research the more accurate we can be, BUT it cost time and money. You are the customer we will make what you want unless you order us to research and find out for you with accuracy what you need. If we not make research of our own we will only develop and construct what you want not what you need and maybe what you want is not even close to what you need. Deadlines are for real only if we can understand each other and we have a transparent look of the entire project. If the specifications we set for the project have not a strict definition then the time schedule and the the deadlines cannot be strict.

YOUR WEBSITE HAS A PROBLEM. Well I am sad to hear that BUT when I hand it over and we ended the project it was working and you have checked it. Nothing breaks down by its own, thats a fact in computer science. If something broke down and something is wrong with our code we will fix it free of charge because every project we complete must wok to the specifications we have agreed and signed and will continue to work if no one damage it, BUT if someone messed something up and the project failed of course we can fix it BUT it will cost.

Not everything is our problem if the emails you send are marked as spam it is not my fault and I am not responsible for fixing it (maybe I have a clue what it is wrong but that is not my responsibility), make sure that you are not the problem and then talk to your IT support company first they will guide you through the whole troubleshooting procedure. If you can understand all the above maybe we can talk further, if you don’t please don’t bother all the above are not for discussion, these are the specification you have to meet as a customer in order to start working with us.